select exhibitions:

2017 - 1:1, 10x10 - Brightbird Cafe, Warrnambool (group)
2016 - Jamais vu - The Artery, Warrnambool (solo)
2016 - Select 20 (group), first as a pop-up exhibition, and again at the Artery, Warrnambool
2014 - The Truth Will Set You On Fire - Brunswick Street Gallery (solo)
2013 - 'Home Show' - 9-artist group show at Jo Grant's house in Port Fairy
2012 - Variations on a Theme of Existence - George Lance Gallery (Warrnambool Art Gallery) (solo)
2011/12 - Chalk & Cheese - Duo show with Justin A.F. Perkins at Blarney Books & Art, Port Fairy
2011 - Every Drop Counts - Off The Rails Gallery, Dunkeld (collaboration w/ Alison Eggleton + Sue Ferrari)
2011 - Quarry Art Studio does Warrnambool - Alan Lane Gallery, Warrnambool Art Gallery (group)

work held in private collections

customer service officer + curatorial technician at Warrnambool Art Gallery
previous COM member of South West Victoria's 'The F Project' (remain on sub-committees)